Te Araroa Trail – Day 139

Monday March 25, 2024
Distance/ Total: 31.3 km / 19.4 mi

Shaun and I were a little late leaving the holiday park this morning not getting started until about 8:30. The trail was a road walk into Invercargill were we walked into the city to get some breakfast and a food resupply.

The side trip took over 2 hours and it was after noon before we made it back to the trail. The trail out of Invercargill was on a bike path that took us out into the estuary. It was on a raised walkway and there wasn’t much to see on the trail. After about 10km the trail joined the shoulder of Highway 1 and continued on toward bluff on the bike path.

As we continued down the trail the cold winds picked up and became a quite strong cross wind knocking me off balance at times. About a kilometer before reaching our destination for the night the rain started and we donned our rain gear as we hurried toward Bluff Freedom Farm to escape the rain.

We made it to the small cabin before the heavy rain started and met up with Gwen from the UK who was already there. We visited, ate dinner, and turned in for the night as the wind and rain shook the small cabin.

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