Axe me what I did this weekend

I have a birthday coming up in about a week and am going to be out of town on that day. Derick text me Saturday morning and asked me if I had any plans for that evening. Not wanting to give away the surprise he said just to be ready by 5:45 and not to wear flip-flops. An unusual request since it was about 39 degrees outside and I only wear flip flops around the swimming pool.

I was ready at 5:45 and he said we were going to get some food first and would I be OK with Texas de Brasil. I was more than OK. What could be wrong with all you can eat beef, lamb and pork cooked various ways and cut off a sword at your table. This is a carnivores heaven. We enjoyed the food along with a Brazilian Lager and I know I ate more than I should have. After dinner we still had about 45 minutes before our next “appointment” so we went by The Broken Arrow Brewery and enjoyed a beer and conversation. We then headed to a mysterious address in an industrial park for our evenings activity. We soon arrived at a building identified as Broken Arrow Battle Ax. I was glad I wasn’t wearing flip-flops now.

Derick had reserved us some time there. The clerk had us sign the liability waiver (I wonder why) and then took us to a couple lanes and demonstrated the proper technique to throw the ax to get it to stick in the target. After several attempts each – OK a lot of attempts – we finally got the idea and began sticking a few in the target. After awhile we started scoring our throws and playing to 21 like darts.  The clerk also showed us a way to play tic-tac-toe that put additional emphasis on hitting the number you wanted, not just sticking it in the target. It was a fun night and we both enjoyed the time throwing axes. Thanks Derick for the early birthday surprise. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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