Hoh River Trail- Day 1

  • Monday 8/23/2021
  • Miles Hiked: 9.1
  • Ascent (Descent): 476 (160)
  • Start: Hoh River Trailhead
  • End: Olympus Ranger Station Camp

After driving up from Cascade Locks we finally hit the trail about 5:30 pm. We had obtained a permit for the Olympic Guard Station campsite and had 9.1 miles to hike in to camp. The trail follows the Hoh River valley upstream into the park and over the 9.1 miles the elevation gain is only about 400 ft.

Fallen Trees over 6’ across

We started out at a pretty quick pace and made the Mt. Tom campsite in less than an hour. The trail was mostly in the Rainforest and the size of the trees we were walking past was incredible. About 7 miles in we crossed over a stream on one of those large trees that had fallen across the stream and crossed back about ½ mile later on a log jamb.

We arrived at camp about 8:45 and found a site close to a small creek to set up our tents. We cooked dinner while discussing the walk, hung our food bags on the bear cables, and hit the sleeping bags about 10:00.

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