Hayduke Trail – Day 3

March 16, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 19.6 / 42.5

We arrived at the campsite after hours yesterday so we had to go in a pay when they opened at 8:00. We grabbed a complimentary cup of coffee and headed down the trail.

The trail goes through Moab and we stopped and picked up a few items and some camp fuel. Now we can have warm dinners tonight

The trail from town goes down Kane Creek road which follows the Colorado river for a few miles before turning up Kane creek. There was no rain today but a cold north wind was blowing strong and we struggled keeping warm throughout the day.

We stopped at a petroglyph rock on the way up the trail. The traffic was light but steady, mostly people heading out to ride 4 wheel drive roads or mountain bikes.

The paved road ended at Kane Creek an the views started getting much more spectacular as we headed up the creek. We stopped at Kane Spring and grabbed some water before continuing on.

As the trail wound through the valley the valley became wider and there were several campsites along the road. We passed the last campsite and began the ascent up Hurrah Pass. The views as we climbed were great and I took a picture at the top of the pass.

The road down was easier, but we were both tired from the days hike. We looked forward to reaching the Colorado River Valley below and getting our camp setup. The wind had continued through the day with no indication of letting up and we struggled the get our tents put up and cooking in the strong wind. We ate quickly and jumped in our tents to get away from the wind which was just getting colder as night began to fall.

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