Hayduke Trail – Day 5

March 18, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 16.2 / 76.5

Another cold morning kept us in our sleeping bags until the sun started coming out. we we on the trail again about 7:30.

We still had a ways to go to get down Lockhart canyon and we began by climbing down below another pour-off. A little further down the canyon the trail climbed up onto a bench and out a side canyon.

We ate breakfast before joining a 4WD road and followed the road for the rest of the morning.

The trail reached Rustler Canyon and began dropping down into the canyon. We worked our way around several pour-offs before reaching Indian creek. The trail turned up Indian Creek and we ended up crossing several times as we went upstream.

About 1 mile down the creek the trail abruptly turned and began climbing out the side of the canyon. The trail up was steep and maneuvered through several slots as it ascended. About 6:15 we found a nice flat bench to camp on for the evening and set up our tents.

The sun soon dropped below the canyon walls and we once again rushed into our tents to get out of the cold air that came with nightfall.

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