Continental Divide Trail – Day 1

May 2, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 22.9/ 22.9

I met up with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition Shuttle about 6:00am. There was a group of 10 hikers heading to the Southernmost Terminus this morning. Our driver, Cal, provided us with a lot of useful information on the way out there and gave us his phone number if we needed any help.

Once at the Terminus we took a group picture around the monument and then several individual pictures as well. I loaded up and started hiking about 9:30. The trail started out as a single track but quickly turned to a 2 track jeep road. I spotted a shade tree a little off trail and stopped about 11:30 for lunch.

Back on trail it soon dropped into a wash and followed the wash for about a mile. Being low there was no wind and the full heat of the sun began to take its toll. I spent some time hiding under shade trees to cool off. Fortunately the trail soon climbed out of the wash and back on 2 track where a nice breeze blew occasionally.

I reached the first water cache at mile 14 about 3:00, refilled my water bottles and visited with other hikers taking advantage of the shade as well. Once cooled off I packed up and continued down the trail. The next 8 miles was all 2 track to the Windmill. The tank below the windmill was full and I was able to refill my water supply for the night.

I hiked about 200 yards further down the trail before finding a spot to pitch my tent for the night. I crawled in to get away from the bugs, cleaned up and ate my meal bar in my tent. I’m finishing my blog as I sit here watching the sun set over the horizon. A great end to a great day.

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