Continental Divide Trail – Day 3

May 4, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 28.7 / 77.7

I started out early again this morning to avoid the heat. The trail continued up the valley I was in yesterday and I was able to stop at a water tank to refill about 2 miles in. After refilling I continued up the valley and passed Billie the Kid packing up his campsite. just after hiking again, I saw a herd of deer who scrambled away up the hill when they saw me.

Reaching the end of the valley and climbing up to the saddle, I was able to get a good cell signal and spent a few minutes updating all my social media. Back on the trail I descended down to water cache 4.

I filled up and looked ahead to the next water which was 10 miles ahead. This was also the next shade tree as well. Although the skies were sunny, there was a nice cool breeze which helped keep my body temperature down. I reached the shade tree and took an extended lunch under the tree to cool off and get out of the heat of the day.

I got back on trail about 3:00 to cover the next 9 miles to water cache 5. This section had a lot off cattle grazing and I had to work my way through a herd that had taken up resting on the trail through a narrow canyon.

I reached the water cache about 6:00, set up my tent and crawled in for the night. My feet were not happy with me for the long miles I forced them through, but they should be glad for the short 8 miles to Lordsburg tomorrow.

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