Continental Divide Trail – Day 4

May 5, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 6.6 / 84.3

The section of trail coming up is very exposed with no shade, so I was up and on the trail as soon as it was light enough to see. The trail was mostly single track until I got to the edge of Lordsburg and followed a paved road into town.

I passed the Motel 6 on the way in since it was still before 9:00 am and headed to McDonald’s to grab some breakfast. I ate my breakfast and began updating my social media for the previous days.

I called the Motel 6 and they let me check in about 11:00am so I was able to get cleaned up and my closed washed before eating lunch. I ate a Los Victor’s, a local Mexican food chain. They served a very good ( and very large) burrito.

After lunch I went to the local grocery store, Saucedos, and was able to pick up what I needed for resupply – including a gas canister. I went back to the motel, packed my food up for the next section, and spent the rest of the day editing videos. I’m pretty slow, but it seems to be getting better each time I make one.

I’m planning to post videos with a 2 week delay so the 1st one should drop on Monday May 15th at Or search for my channel Adventure Hoppers.

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