Continental Divide Trail – Day 5

May 6, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 15.3 / 99.6

I slept in a little today. The motel bed felt good. I went to Kranberry’s Restaurant next door and got a skillet breakfast and coffee. It was really good and filling.

Back at the motel, I packed up and worked on my social media again. I was trying to upload videos to YouTube but the internet at the motel was too slow and would just randomly disconnect. After trying for 2 hours, I checked out and went down to McDonald’s to use their WiFi – 10 minutes later I was done.

I ended up leaving town about 10:30. The trail from town was a 3 mile highway walk before turning off into a field. No gate, just a sign and a section of fence wired together so you could crawl underneath. The trail through the field was not marked and I ended up just walking across the field in the direction the map showed. There were several fence stiles so I had to be close enough to find them when I got to a fence.

After several miles working my way across the field the trail was signed again and a decent single track was present. The trail headed toward the mountains and entered a canyon and began ascending.

The first water source since Lordsburg was at engineer windmill – 15 miles from town and when I arrived the tank was almost empty with about 6” of “green” water in the bottom. Good thing the filters we carry can take care of that. After filtering the water was clear and tasted quite good.

I was tired, hot, and my feet hurt so I found a spot in the trees a few hundred yards past the windmill and cooked my first warm dinner on the trip. It was just ramen noodles with Jalapeño tuna, but it tasted great. After eating I set up my tent and crawled inside to get cleaned up and ready for bed.

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