Continental Divide Trail – Day 7

May 8,2023
Miles Today/ Total: 23.1/ 144.4

I was up early again today to beat the heat. The trail continued to descend down the side of Burro Peak and through the adjoining mountains. Some after starting I reached the first flowing water of the CDT 122 miles from the Southern Terminus. It was a small stream, but it was flowing.

The trail continued on through the woods and I met John again about 6 miles in. He had stopped to test his feet and I continued on just a little ways to eat my breakfast. Further up the trail I met Kiwi Legs and Shortcut and still further I met Ben from Australia. More people today than my whole time since Day 1.

Ben, Shortcut, Kiwi Legs, and I all met up again at the 2nd flowing stream. I refilled my water again and ate lunch before moving on. Soon after starting on the trail I met ip with John again and we hiked the next several miles together.

Finding our 3rd flowing stream for the day we filled up with water for the rest of the day. John and I continued on the trail up Saddleback Canyon until we reached the last water source before the 13 mile road walk to Silver City. John continued on and I filled up so I wouldn’t have to backtrack in the morning.

I reached the Saddleback Canyon Trailhead about 5:00pm and called it a day. I found a good spot to set up a tent across the dry wash and moved my gear over into the nearby shade. I cooked dinner and waited for the shadows to extend over my planned tentsite before setting up for the evening. Ben soon joined me and we talked as the sun continued its descent in the sky.

Once the sun was low enough, I set up my tent, cleaned up, and crawled inside for the night.

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