Continental Divide Trail – Day 8

May 9, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 14.4 / 158.8

Knowing the road walk ahead was going to be hot and exposed during the heat of the day, I was up and on the trail by 5am. Walking through the hills toward Silver City I was afforded with ample shade until well past 7:00.

I stopped and ate breakfast and then back on the trail/ road I was able to make it into Silver City by about 9:30. My first stop was the laundromat so I could get the stink out of my clothes. I was able to clean myself off in the restroom and get all my clothes cleaned.

Next stop was the grocery for a 3 day resupply to get me to Doc Campbell’s. I then dropped by Gila Hike & Bike and bought a new Sawyer filter since mine was working very slow. A short walk through downtown Silver City took me to the Murray Hotel where I had reserved a room for the night. Not quite noon I was too early to check in, but they let me store my backpack there while I grabbed some lunch.

There just happened to be a brewery a block away and I stopped in there for a few Beers and some pulled pork tacos. Both were delicious and I killed some time there updating my post.

Back at the hotel I was able to check in, get cleaned up, and begin work on video edits. I stopped for dinner and had a remarkable Louisiana pasta at Q’s Southern Bistro. I stopped for ice cream on the way back to the hotel, and spent the evening finishing up videos.

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