Continental Divide Trail – Day 14

May 15, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 25.5 / 281.7

Things were still pretty wet this morning, so I took some time to dry off my gear the best I could before packing up. The trail was going to be a road walk for about 19 miles this morning. The road was actually pretty nice. It was a forest road through the trees and meadows. It was really like walking a real wide single track.

I made my first 15 mile day by noon this morning, stopping for lunch at 12:00 with 15.1 miles. I ate lunch under a tree and then finished off the remaining 4 mile road walk. The last mile was a pretty long ascent up a mountain.

The trail turned of into a single track through and area that had been burned in the last few years. There were lots of dead fall across the trail making progress pretty slow. The trail fid climb up to some rocky areas with some really cool rock formations. Dropping down into a canyon it assed a small stream where I was able to get water for tonight and the 14 mile dry stretch in the morning.

I continued on a couple more miles as the trail continued climbing through the mountains. I found a nice flat-ish hilltop to make camp for the night. I’m camping at about 8,300 ft and the air cools off fast as the sun lowers in the sky. I’m in my tent before the sun goes down and ready for a good nights sleep.

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