Continental Divide Trail – Day 25

May 26, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 28.3 / 495.2

My campsite overlooking the valley did not have a view of the sunrise this morning. It came up behind the hill and shown down into the valley. I packed up and started down the trail just as the sun rose above the hill.

The trail continued on a forest road and it was a short 4 mile hike to Upper American Spring where I could replenish my water supply. Happy Ending was there when I arrived and we talked while filling our water containers with the fresh spring water.

Back on the trail, it continued on a forest road for another 4 miles before turning off onto a single track as I rejoined the official Continental Divide Trail. It felt good to be back on single track trail and the trail wandered up and down valleys and across the mesa.

It wasn’t long, however, before the trail rejoined a forest road and would remain on forest roads for the remainder of the day.

The road surface changed from dirt to rock and back to dirt again throughout the day. It was a hot day and the sun baked down on me as I walked the forest roads. The water sources were scarce and I ended up walking the 23.8 miles from American Spring to Los Indios Spring before ending my day.

I arrived at Los Indios Spring just as Woody & Brute were leaving to find a campsite further up the trail. I selected a site near the trailhead to the spring and dropped my backpack before hiking the 0.42 miles down to the spring. The spring was down in a canyon and there was a steep trail down to it. I collected my water and hiked back up to camp.

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