Continental Divide Trail – Day 26

May 27, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 25.3 / 520.5

I slept very good last night, but didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag this morning because it was cool. I finally got up, packed up, and started on the trail.

I hadn’t gone far when Woody & Brute came up behind me and I let them pass. They hike quite a bit faster than I do. The trail started out on a mesa and traveled through trees and small meadows. After about 4 miles it began to follow a bluff and I was able to get some good pictures and some cell service. I posted a couple days updates and continued down the trail.

After a few more miles it began a descent into the valley below. It was a long gradual descent with a few steeper sections thrown in. The descent seemed to go on for several miles. At the bottom of the descent was a Spring where I was able to refill my water bottles and eat lunch.

After lunch I was back on trail as it worked it way across the valley. From the mountain top earlier it looked like the valley was flat, but it was interlaced with deep canyons. The trail crossed some of these canyons and began ascending toward the opposite side of the valley. The valley had some Cliff faces and some cool rock features and the trail climbed upwards to the plateau on top of these.

The trail followed the edge of the plateau sometimes dipping down into canyons and then climbing back out again. There was rumor of trail magic at Torreón Rd. and that was my goal for the night.

When I arrived Die Hard, Mandalorian, Woody, and Brute were all there filling water bottles from a water cache and disappointed that the Trail Magic had already left. We talked for awhile, then broke off to find a campsite nearby, planning to resupply water in the morning before heading off down the trail.

I selected a campsite on a nearby mesa with some good views, but pretty windy. The wind died down as the sun set and I updated my blog before turning in to sleep.

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