Continental Divide Trail – Day 46

July 8, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 19.1 / 793.9

I slept good last night and was plenty rested this morning. I was up and on the trail before 6:00 am.

The trail started out following the side of the mountain. There were some small ups and downs and then the trail dropped down by Archuleta Lake. The trail was a little overgrown and the melting snow made the area muddy. After circling the lake the trail began climbing up to the ridge line by Hope Mountain.

The trail stayed up on the ridge line for several miles and the views were stunning. There was still patches of snow and I was able to walk around some, and crossed others. Most were fairly flat and I walked across without crampons today.

There was one ascent today that had a couple of switchbacks and when I reached the top the wind was blowing so hard I couldn’t stop to eat lunch. I ended up hiking another 2 miles into the next valley before finding a spot protected from the wind.

This afternoon was more of the same. Climbing up mountains crossing to the other side and dropping down to a saddle or following the side of the mountain around to the other side of the valley.

I found a spot near a stream high on a mountain to set up camp tonight. The stream is still partially snow covered, but the water taste great and is ice cold as well. I cooked dinner and am laying in my tent now listening to the sound of the stream lull me to sleep.

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