Continental Divide Trail – Day 50

July 12, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 21.1 / 840.9

Since I had a real bed to sleep in and the room was dark, I slept until after 6:00 this morning. I got up and fixed 1/2 pot of coffee and enjoyed drinking hot coffee in the morning.

I was on the trail a little after 7:00 and had planned last night to stop at a local cafe’ for breakfast. However, I wasn’t feeling very good this morning and decided not to eat. It could be too much food and /or too much beer. My body is getting used to the smaller servings already.

The trail went right through the Main Street of Creede and most everything wasn’t open yet. On the north side of town is the historic mining district and the trail followed the east half of bachelor’s loop passing several of the old mines. It was really cool to see these old structures and I took lots of pictures

The trail continued to follow Willow Creek Road up into the mountains until it reached West Willow Creek Trailhead and turned off the road onto a single track trail up to San Luis Pass.

The views from the pass were fantastic and I joined the CDT / CT there. The CDT and the Colorado Trail (CT) follows the majority of the same route through Colorado. I’ll stick to the CDT when they go separate ways. The trail circled around a meadow and crossed over San Luis Saddle. The trail to San Luis Peak continued up and the CDT began a descent into the valley. I followed the CDT down.

The rest of the day the trail continued downward following Cochetopa Creek. The trail was pretty rocky and I slowed down making sure not to trip over any of the large rocks. There was a lot of pine beetle killed trees in the valley and I checked the notes on Far Out to find a planned campsite for the night. I found a spot on a hill overlooking the creek and watched a deer wander by while eating my dinner.

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