Continental Divide Trail – Day 53

July 15, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 23.0 / 915.2

It was a little chilly this morning in the valley I camped in. I still got around pretty early despite the temperature.

The trail continued down the valley for another mile before turning and beginning a climb up windy peak. It was a pretty good climb to the top, but the view was great and I was able to get cell signal and update my social media.

The trail continued up in the mountains for awhile and appeared to be a popular route for mountain bikers on the weekend. As I approached Marshall Pass it became even more populated with mountain bikers enjoying the downhill routes.

I was hoping that once past Marshall Pass it would become less trafficked, but the route between Marshall Pass and Monarch Crest was even more popular (and with a steeper downhill section, even faster). I continued my climb up toward Monarch Crest and then around the mountain tops before reaching the actual pass.

I reached the pass about 6:00pm and it took about 20 minutes to catch a ride down to the Butterfly House Hostel. I showered and changed into clean clothes, then headed over to the Monarch Mountain Lodge to get some dinner with the other hikers. I ate a French dip sandwich and fries washed down with a couple of local IPAs.

Back at the hostel we enjoyed an evening around the campfire while playing games and discussing trail stories. Before we knew it, it was 10:30 and way past hiker midnight. Time to hit the bed for the night.

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