Continental Divide Trail – Day 78

August 9, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 18.9 / 1,343.6

It rained early last night, but by the time I went to sleep it had stopped. Everything was still wet this morning and once again I wiped down my tent and packed it away partially wet.

I slept in until about 6:00 and then packed up everything but my tent which was still wet. Heavy and I walked down to the 307 Pub & Grub for breakfast. I had a traditional breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast then topped it off with a piece of blackberry pie with ice cream. Delicious.

We walked back to the campground, I packed up my still wet tent, and met with Mario to take us up to Battle Pass. When we hit to the pass and unloaded our gear I realized I had forgotten my trekking poles at the campground. Mario drove me all the way back to pick up my poles and then drove me back up to battle pass. A true trail angel.

Finally on the trail it started out with a pretty steep climb up to Bridger Peak. I met a couple of motorcyclists near the peak who were out riding the Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR). We talked for a few minutes and then went our separate ways wishing each other good luck on our trips.

The trail stayed up on the ridge line for most of the day alternately between forest and meadows. I began to notice the meadows change from grassland to more desert terrain as the trail continued. The trail dipped into a pine and Aspen forest where I was able to collect some water and then found a nice campsite in the woods.

I setup my tent, cooked and ate dinner, then crawled into my tent for the night. Once again, another great day on the trail.

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