Continental Divide Trail – Day 92

August 23, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 24.0 / 1,632.6

It stopped raining sometime before 11:30 last night, but everything was still very wet this morning. I packed up my gear knowing I would have to have a drying out party sometime today.

I started up the trail as it continued up the valley passing several lakes along the way. I kept thinking I was at the top and would climb up to find another lake and another pass. I finally reached the top after 5 miles and stopped to eat breakfast overlooking a beautiful lake. I found some large rocks further down the trail and spread out my gear to dry.

Back on the trail I began a gradual descent into the valley. Again I was passing several lakes before I reached the tree line. At the tree line the trail began a long series of switchbacks as the trail dropped to the Green River. I was surprised to see that the water was actually a cloudy green. I’m guessing it’s picking up some sediment as it works it way down the mountains.

The River was wide and flowing fast. Fortunately there was a bridge over the river as the trail switched to the other side and began hugging the valley wall.

I worked my way down the river until it flowed into upper Green River Lake. The trail followed the lake and entered some woods on the other side. It then crossed large meadow between the Upper and Lower Lakes. I found a small hill with some pine trees and found a place for my tent on top. I’m hoping the slight elevation above the water and being under some trees keep the condensation down tonight.

It was a great day with many alpine mountain and lake views as well as a fantastic river and forest section.

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