Continental Divide Trail – Day 110

September 10, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 25.0 / 2007.9

I woke up to a wet tent again this morning. I dried it off, packed up and was on the trail in time to catch the sunrise.

The trail started with a gradual climb then a short descent down to Deadman’s Lake (I’d like to know the story behind that name). The trail continued down the valley about 1/2 mile then started climbing up to the top of the ridge.

It crossed over the ridge and started back down into the next valley. I thought I was going to be walking up the valley to the divide, but it the trail turned and headed North (well Northwest). I was totally surprised. I been following the Continental Divide as it wandered every direction except north for the last 6 1/2 days. since my goal is still the Canadian border, I was thrilled to be heading north again.

The trail meandered through the trees and meadows passing several creeks and streams. As I was walking through one forested area I came across a couple of hunters who had called in an elk, but he was too young to harvest. I waited as they tried to call in another bull elk, but they finally gave up. We talked for a few minutes then I continued down the trail.

Well actually up the trail, I had just started a long climb up to the divide. When I reached the top there was a herd of about 50 elk up on the ridge plateau. From the plateau they could see a couple hundred yards in each direction. Since it’s archery season, they would see the hunters before they got close enough to shoot.

When the herd saw me they climbed up and over a nearby pass. I got out my phone and started taking video of them walking over the top. I continued until the last bull elk crossed over the top. Then looking at my phone I realized I hadn’t pushed the record button. I missed the whole thing.

The trail (or series of marker post) continued across the plateau and I found my way from post to post. I stopped and cooked dinner on the divide enjoying the view down into the valley.

I had about 1 mile left on the divide after eating and then the trail began dropping down into a valley. One side of the valley was crumbled rock that had slid down the mountain over time leaving piles of rock on the valley floor. Fortunately this only lasted about a mile down the valley because I needed to find a place to camp. I found a mostly flat area under some pine trees and set up my tent there.

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