Continental Divide Trail – Day 114

September 14, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 27.6 / 2085.3

I was up and around just as it got daylight this morning. The trail continued down a 4WD road for the next 8 miles to Lemhi Pass. I traveled up and down basically following the divide to the pass.

At Lemhi Pass the trail became single track and continued to follow the divide. Despite being on the divide, the trail was mostly in trees all day with very few views. I was able to make pretty good time for most of the day.

Around 4:30pm the trail started to get a lot more rocky and climbed up and over some large rock piles situated at the top of the divide. I reached Goldstone Pass about 7:15 and found a campsite that wasn’t too rocky.

It had been 20 miles since the last water source and I walked the 1/4 mile down the access road to a spring to get water. Back at the pass, I setup my tent and crawled inside as the sun set for the day.

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