Continental Divide Trail – Day 115

September 15, 2023
Miles Today/ Total: 25.5 / 2110.8

I didn’t sleep real good last night. It seemed I couldn’t get comfortable and kept tossing and turning all night. Despite not getting comfortable I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag this morning. It was a cold morning. I finally got around and got started down the trail about 7:30.

The trail started with a climb upwards along the ridge line. I was able to get a couple of good views before the trail started dropping back into the valley.

I missed a turn on one of the switchbacks and ended up going about 0.2 miles before I realized it. I had to backtrack and climb back up the mountain to get to the switchback I had missed.

The trail dropped down into a forest and then quickly began to climb back up to a pass. I crossed the pass and began a steep descent down a rocky slope. The trail eventually reached the forest again and continued downward.

This cycle repeated itself a couple times and finally stayed upon a ridge for awhile. As dinner time approached I found myself on a big descent toward miner creek. I found a spot partway down and cooked my dinner.

Back on the trail I continued the descent to Miner Creek and then followed the creek about a mile upstream where I found a nice place to camp. I setup, crawled inside, and got ready for a good nights sleep.

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