Te Araroa Trail – Day 4

Thursday, November 2, 2023
Distance Today/ Total: 31.5 km/ 19.6 mi

I was a little tired this morning after yesterday’s walk and slept in a little later. Everything was wet with condensation this morning and I spent some time drying things off before packing up. I started down the trail about 7:30.

Today was another long (31km) beach walk and was pretty uneventful. The sun did come out today for awhile but it turned cloudy with some misting by noon.

I made it to the Ahipara Holiday Park about 3:00, checked in, and set up my tent. My next goal was a shower and it felt great. Many of the other hikers arrived throughout the afternoon and set up tents as well.

I ate dinner and came back to my tent to catch up on my blogs and look at the route beyond Kaitaia. Tomorrow should be a short day with only 15km to Kaitaia, but there is rain in the forecast so it will probably be a wet hike into town.

My plantar fasciitis is still causing me some pain and my left knee started hurting this afternoon as well. I glad to finally be off the beach and maybe can get some relief from the repetitive motion.

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