Te Araroa Trail – Day 22

Monday, November 20, 2023
Distance/ Total: 26.7 km / 16.6 mi

I was up early this morning since the bunk didn’t have the most comfortable mattress. I took a morning shower before getting back on the trail.

Our schedule was dictated by the tide again today as we couldn’t cross the Pakiri River right before tonight’s campsite until after 5:00pm.

Matt, Jamie, and I took a leisurely morning around the hostel and finally got our gear together and started down the trail about 9:00 am.

The trail was a 4.5 km roadwalk out of Mangawhai Head and into Mangawhai Village where we stopped at a cafe for some coffee just to kill some time.

Back on trail it was another 7 km of road walk to reach the beach. I reached the beach about 12:30 and after a short walk, stopped to eat some lunch. It was about 3 km to Te Aria Point, a large rock outcropping that has to be climbed over. I took a short rest and started up and over the point. It was a welcome change from the flat beach walk.

However, I was soon back on the beach and had 12 km to go to get to Pakiri Beach Holiday Park – my campsite for the night. Before reaching the camp there were 2 streams to cross that emptied into the ocean. The first was rather narrow and was only shin deep. The second, Pakiri River, was about 15 meters across and waist deep in the middle. I took off my shoes for both crossings, but my shorts ended up soaked as I crossed the second.

The second crossing ended at the campsite and Jamie and I checked in and set up our tents just in time to beat the rain. I grabbed my food bag and headed to the kitchen area to fix my dinner. Matt, Melly, and Jamie soon joined me and we ate under the patio as the rain came down.

When the rain subsided I took the opportunity to get a shower at the campsite and then headed for my tent to call it a night.

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