Te Araroa Trail – Day 55

Thursday, December 28, 2023
Distance/ Total: 33.8 km / 21.0 mi

Staying at the canoe camp always means an early morning. The guest going out on the river are up about 5:30 because they have to have everything packed up before going to orientation at 7:00am.

I stayed in my bed until about 6:00am and then started getting ready. I took advantage of my last day with WiFi to FaceTime with Thea who wanted to show me her Lego’s treehouse she built with the Lego’s I got her for Christmas.

I started down the trail a little after 7:00. Today was all road walk. It started out on a paved road that went past a deer farm and a field with an Ostrich in it. The Ostrich walked along the fence with me for awhile.

After about 8km the road turned into a gravel road and was mostly gravel road for the rest of the day. The roadwalk was long and tedious and listened to the book “Dracula” as I was walking today to pass the time.

At 33.5 km I reached the last water source for awhile and collected my water for the night. I found a nice flat spot for a tent just down the road and set up for the night.

It sprinkled a little in the evening, but not enough to get things wet. I cooked dinner and climbed into my tent early to get rested up for some more roadwalk tomorrow.

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