Te Araroa Trail – Day 68

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Distance/ Total: 0 km / 0 mi

I was able to sleep in a little later this morning. It was about 7:00 am before I got out of bed. I fixed a cup of hot coffee and started looking for a breakfast place in Levin.

Like most towns in New Zealand the coffee shops and cafe’s didn’t open until 8:00 am. When Claudio got up I gathered all my laundry together and we headed to the Laundromat about 7:45. It was open 24 hours and was a nice clean facility too. We loaded our clothes in the washer, started the load, and headed into downtown Levin to find some breakfast.

We found a bakery that served a real breakfast and I enjoyed fried eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and toast. It was great to eat a full breakfast.

After eating we returned to the laundromat and moved our clothes to the dryer and waited for them to dry. We went back to the motel and layed around resting for a couple of hours.

About 11:00 we headed to the grocery store to buy our resupply and pick up something light for lunch. We were planning on a big dinner tonight.

I repacked my food when we returned and I spent the afternoon just surfing the internet, checking e-mails, a paying a couple of bills. Our e-mails came with our log in times for thePCT permits. The time slots are between 10:30am and 3:00 pm PST (7:30 – noon in New Zealand. I was lucky and received a 10:56 time, but Claudio received a 2:45 pm time. Almost the end of the time window.

We went to Cobb & Co. for dinner and I had chicken & bacon penne pasta. It was delicious. I also had a berry parfait for dessert which really hit the spot.

Back at the motel I spent the evening catching up on my blogs (I was a few days behind) and got them posted as well. Time to go to bed. I have an alarm set for 7:45 so I won’t sleep past my PCT permit time, although I probably couldn’t sleep that late anyway.

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