Te Araroa Trail – Day 77

Tuesday January 23, 2024
Distance/ Total: 16 km / 9.9 mi

Slow start again today in Nelson. I need to catch a bus to Picton at 9:45 and just need to grab some breakfast before heading to the bus station. Most of the cafe’s aren’t open until 8:00 so I’ve got some time to get around.

I eat a breakfast of bacon and eggs at Lily’s Cafe’ and then head to the pharmacy to pick up some Naproxen. My knee has been bothering me and I want some pain relievers in case it gets worse on the trail.

I catch the 9:45 bus and arrive in Picton about 12:15. I walk through town and grab some fish and chips at a takeaway store then eat them on a bench in the marina. Picton harbor is surrounded by tall mountains and makes for some beautiful scenery.

The water taxi leaves at 1:30 and arrived at Ships Cove about 2:40. The TA continues from there and I get a picture of the monument before starting up the trail.

The trail has a nice grade, but does start with a 240m climb to a nice viewpoint in a saddle. I grab a few pictures and continue on. This trail seems a lot like the Abel Tasman with lots of ups and downs along the coastline. It does move inland for a short time, but soon returns to the coastline where I can catch glimpses of the blue water through the trees.

I reach the Furneaux Lodge about 6:45 and check in, shower, and head to the bar for a beer before dinner. I had a ribeye filet, fried potatoes, and couscous and it was delicious. Servings were a little small for a hungry hiker, but they made a great presentation on the plate. I finished off with a chocolate pecan brownie covered with ice cream.

After dinner I walked out to the wharf and the clouds were starting to cover the tops of the hills. It made for some great photos. I returned to my room and turned in early to get rested for tomorrow’s hike.

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