Te Araroa Trail – Day 80

Friday January 26, 2024
Distance/ Total: 13.3 km / 8.3 mi

I slept really good last night, but the loud trucks started down the road before 6:00am. There was a heavy fee last night and everything was pretty wet this morning. I packed up and hit the trail about 7:00am.

The trail continued following the Link Pathway toward Havelock. It was pretty nice and wound it’s way through the trees between the road and Mahakipawa Bay.

The trail eventually crossed the road and climbed up onto a point providing some good views of the Pelorus Sound and the city of Havelock. After reaching the saddle the trail descending back towards Havelock.

There was a short section of roadwalk to cross the Katuna River then the trail turned onto a boardwalk that crossed the estuary on the edge of town.

I reached Havelock about 11:00 am and knew it was too early to check into my hostel. I went to the grocery store and bought my 9 day resupply for the Pelorus River and Richmond Range section. I grabbed a sandwich and a coke at a local cafe then headed to the Havelock Memorial Park to repackage my food. There was a nice covered picnic table there and I was able to repackage everything in the shade.

I loaded up my pack with my food and was surprised at how heavy it felt. 9 days of food weighs a lot. I headed down the street to the Rutherford Backpackers and checked in.

I hung out my tent and footprint to dry, showered, and did my laundry. I posted my blogs while waiting for my laundry and took a short nap in the afternoon.

Havelock is the world capital of the green shell mussel, so I had to get mussels for dinner. The waitress suggested the grilled mussels and I ordered a variety of seasonings to try them out. They were delicious.

Back at the room, I spent some time reviewing the route ahead and went to sleep about 9:00pm looking forward to getting into the backcountry for awhile.

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