Te Araroa Trail – Day 100

Thursday February 15, 2024
Distance/ Total: 0 km / 0 mi

Today was only my second on-trail zero day I’ve ever taken (the first was when I had Giardia on the ECT). It was raining when I woke up and was expected to rain all day into the night. It was 27 km to the next hut and that would be a push in the rain. I had plenty of food and staying in and staying dry sounded really good.

Erik also decided to stay in the hut for the day so we had a nice leisurely morning in the hut. About 11:30 Isabell and Jess (a mother / daughter team from the UK) showed up, wet and cold. There was a wood stove in the hut and plenty of dry wood so Erik started a fire to warm them up. Maria (from Korea) was the next to arrive, cold and wet as well. She was glad to see the smoke rising from the chimney when she arrived.

Celine and Lemy arrived later in the day followed by Max and Sante for a total of 9 in the 10 man hut.

It continued raining throughout the day and it was cold and miserable outside, but warm and comfortable in our small hut. We spent the day visiting, catching up, and just enjoying each others company.

The rain continued into the night and I captured no photos for the day.

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