Te Araroa Trail – Day 105

Tuesday February 20, 2024
Distance/ Total: 19.1 km / 11.9 mi

I slept great in my tent last night, finally getting off the flat mattresses in the huts. I got up and packed up fairly early, but spent the morning visiting with the other hikers and not getting started until about 8:30.

The trail was mostly flat following the Harper River downstream. There were several river crossings and my feet were completely numb after the first few. I could not feel them at all. We stopped near the pinnacles for breakfast and my feet had a chance to start getting feeling in them again.

We pushed on, more river crossings, and lots of rocky riverbed walking. The last 2 km was a long walk on a rocky berm pushed up from the riverbed.

We reached the campsite about 2:30 and I selected a campsite and pitched my tent. There were several hikers there when we arrived and more came in throughout the day. We spent the afternoon visiting and sharing stories.

As evening came people started retiring to there tents for the night and I followed suite.

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