Te Araroa Trail – Day 113

Wednesday February 28, 2024
Distance/ Total: 31.9 km / 19.8 mi

I slept in this morning knowing that I had a late night planned. Shaun and I spent the morning charging our electronics and washing our laundry.

We headed into town about noon and grabbed some food at the local cafe’, picked up some last minute items at the grocery store and headed out of town about 3:45pm.

The trail from Lake Tekapo to Twizel was mostly along the Alps 2 Ocean Bike trail which followed the canal and lakeshore into Twizel. As we walked the canal the winds came up with a cold chill in the air and we stopped to bundle up.

We stopped for dinner about 8:00pm and watched the sunset behind the mountains before continuing down the canal. As it got darker we began to see the stars light up the skies and the milky form overhead. It was a beautiful clear night for a night hike. At least for a few hours until the clouds started blowing in and blocking the skies.

The wind continued to get colder and we reached the location where a new campsite was supposed to be about 12:30am. We couldn’t find the campsite but found a flat area just off the trail and setup there for the night.

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