Te Araroa Trail – Day 120

Wednesday March 6, 2024
Distance/ Total: 12.4 km / 7.7 mi

After the long day yesterday I slept great last night. I slept so good I didn’t wake up until 7:12am. We had plans to go to the local patisserie (French for bakery) which had rave reviews from other hikers. The reviews were correct and the food was fantastic. A great way to start a nero day into Wanaka.

The trail to Wanaka was entirely on bike/walkways and it was a pretty fast 12.4 kilometers into town. We arrived about 1:00pm and headed to to the Turkish Kebab shop for lunch. They prepared a huge kebab that was just right for a hungry hiker. As we were eating we were mobbed by ducks, gulls, and sparrows all hoping we would drop something. Someone was throwing the hills fries and thru would catch them in mid-air.

After eating we headed to the hostel, but passed by a couple of outdoor gear shops on the way and had to stop in. We finally made it to the hostel, checked in, and I headed for the shower. After cleaning up we did our laundry and then headed out for pizza in the evening.

We had stopped at the grocery and got snacks earlier in the day and I bought 2 huge Whittaker chocolate bars to curb my chocolate craving. Along with a couple of beers it made for a great evening snack.

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